Solar Powered Irrigation System (SPIS)

E-Learning Course on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS)

Financially supported by GIZ on behalf of German Cooperation

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The development and implementation of the SPIS E-Learning course for capacity building was realized by Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences to foster the deployment of well-planned and managed SPIS in order to contribute towards the nexus, energy – water – food security and powering agriculture in developing countries. The project was implemented in cooperation with Margraf Publishers GmbH (E-Learning and video production specialist) and Hans Hartung (proven experts on SPIS) and financed by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The E-Learning course is based on the comprehensive Toolbox on SPIS, developed by GIZ and FAO to assist the planning and implementation of Solar Powered Irrigation Systems on the Energypedia Website.

SPIS E-Learning Platform on „dis-course“


The E-Learning course was developed to promote the Toolbox on SPIS and provide guidance for the use and application. The Pilot-E-Learning course was held over six weeks from June 18th to July 30th on the “dis-course” platform. The course consisted of four modules:

  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Solar Pumping Essentials
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Operation and Maintenance

including three related webinars and a final multiple-choice test. After the application period 120 international participants, mostly from African countries, were selected to attend the pilot-course. Staff members of the Ostfalia University with relevant technical skills were trained to be tutors (so called E-tutors) and have been responsible for organizing the webinars, forum discussions, assignments and providing the participants with the required guidance to conduct the E-Learning course. Certificates were assigned to the successful participants in the end.


During this project, international experts in the field of solar powered irrigation from Nepal, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Iran contributed to Ostfalia University by holding webinars with relevant topics, and providing expert support to participants in forums and discussions on the online platform. They shared their experiences together with the participants in a dynamic environment.

Now SPIS E-Learning course is finalized in English and French and can be implemented upon request. Please contact our Team for further details.

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Nia and Abbas leave us in January 2024. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Prof. Röttcher.

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