Once again, Ostfalia hosted Iranian students in Suderburg!

DiWa- Dialog on Water, a three-year project (2020–2022), developed an E-learning course on Integrated River Basin Management as part of the “University Dialogue with the Muslim World” funded by the DAAD (from the means of the German Federal Foreign Office). Within the framework of DiWa, Ostfalia organized the 10-day summer academy from September 11.–21.09.2022 in Suderburg. Nine Iranian students from SANRU University and seven students from Ostfalia accompanied by Dr.-Ing. Mohsen Masoudian and Prof. Klaus Röttcher. The students participated in Suderburger summer academy, scientific excursions, and exchange programs, in order to conduct face-to-face events to meet the main objective of DiWa; the Blended-Learning concept.

The program included different parts, such as lectures about River Restoration and Flood Protection measures in Germany, a visit to the village museum in Hösseringen (near Suderburg), Flood Protection facilities in Hitzacker and Hafencity (Hamburg), a River Restoration project in Welle, a ship lift (Schiffshebewerk) and city tour in Lüneburg. In addition, cultural events and activities were held, such as German/Iranian evening, a canoe tour with professors, staff members and the FSR team (Student Representative Council) of Ostfalia.

Thanks DAAD in Bonn and Tehran for supporting us to organize the DiWa Summer Academy 2022!

Special Thanks to Mr. Ahmad Keshavarzi; Acting Director DAAD Office in Tehran, Iran

Water Tower Lüneburg
Wildpark Lüneburger Heide
Dialog on Water
Cultural Teamwork
Cultural Storyboard
Iranian Tried a German Food (Rouladen)
Laboratory Work by Mr. Balhorn
Kinect Technology for Watershed Simulation
New Equipment at INBW Institute for the Future Research Projects
Sediment Transport Simulation
Excursion in Historical City Lüneburg
Lüneburg Harbor
Water Vortex Made by Students
Water Tower in Lüneburg
Ship Lock Lüneburg
Ship Lock Lüneburg
Excursion in Hitzacker (Flood Protection Measure)
Hitzacker Gate, Explained by Prof. Röttcher
Hitzacker Water Level Mark
Hitzacker, Beside Elbe
Excursion in Hamburg (Flood Protection Measures)
Hamburg Hafen (Fish & Bread)
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Role Play Game (DWA Environmental Modular System Game)
Role Play Game (DWA Environmental Modular System Game)
Hardau River Visit in Uelzen
Hardau River
Hardau River Visit in Uelzen
Hardau Lake in Suderburg
Wildpark Lüneburger Heide
Wildpark Lüneburger Heide
Wildpark Lüneburger Heide
Wildpark Lüneburger Heide
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